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An iOS developer, marketing specialist, and the creator of Drive-Train, an intuitive app built with SwiftUI and Realm, and designed to prepare English-speaking users for the Russian Driving Theory Test.

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Conquer the Russian driving theory exam!

Check out DriveTrain.

Enjoy interactive practice modes, timed mock exams, and one-tap language switching. Track your progress with insightful analytics and prepare with an extensive 800-question bank from official resources.

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User-focused Design

Function over form. My design philosophy prioritizes practicality and usability. Every creation is crafted with purpose, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality that enhances the user experience.

Inclusive Color & UI Design

DriveTrain's UI and Feedback Mechanisms are designed with colorblind users in mind, though I am not color-blind myself.

Two-Tap Navigation System

DriveTrain's navigation system is designed to let users start any test or exercise in just two taps.

Diverse Language Support

Beyond dynamic language selection between Russian and English, DriveTrain is fully localized to Russian.

Dynamic Question Management

A versatile question management system supports different usage modes for personalized learning paths.

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