Do you have what it takes to drive in Russia?

Test your skills with DriveTrain, an iOS app developed with SwiftUI that helps English-speaking users ace the Russian Driving Theory Test.

Engaging Practice Modes.

DriveTrain has a variety of exercises designed to keep you engaged and motivated in your learning journey.

Timed Mock Exams.

DriveTrain simulates real exam experience with timed tests, preparing you effectively for actual evaluations.

Easy Language Switching.

DriveTrain enables one- tap translation within tests and exercises, and the whole app can also be used in Russian.

Progress Tracking.

DriveTrain tracks and displays user performance, offering personalized insights to guide further study and improvement.

Bilingual Learning.

Deepen your understanding of Russia’s driving rules in both English and Russian.

Dark Mode.

Switch between light and dark mode for a personalized learning experience.

Timed Mock Exam.

Gauge your readiness for the official exam and driving in Russia with an authentic test-prep regime.

Comprehensive Stats.

Know where you stand at any point in your learning journey with insightful stats that track your progress.


Is this an official government app?

No, this is an independently developed app, built to assist with the Russian driving theory exam preparation.

Does the app work offline?

Yes, the app can function offline, allowing for uninterrupted learning.

How often is the question bank updated?

The question bank is updated regularly based on user feedback and changes in Russian driving regulations.

Is the app available in other languages?

Currently, the app is available in English and Russian.

Is there a cost associated with this app?

The app is free to use for the first five units, and offers in-app purchases for the complete question bank.

Can I switch between languages after I have already started a test or exercise?

Yes, you can easily switch between Russian and English using the in-app language picker at any point.

Is there support for color-blind users?

Yes, attention has been paid to colorblind needs in the design, ensuring the app is accessible to as many users as possible.

Are there any practice modes or mock exams available?

Yes, the app offers engaging practice modes and timed mock exams to help you prepare effectively for the driving theory test.

Can I suggest new features or report errors?

Yes, user feedback is appreciated, and you can easily report any mistakes or make suggestions using the contact link.

Questions? Suggestions?

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